When you want more: Study at CEVRO University in English!

In today's world, it is quite common for university students to embark on international stays, participate in internships abroad, or simply take courses taught in a foreign language at their home institution. Interactions with international students at the CEVRO University occur not only during foreign exchanges but also in everyday classes at the study center in Prague.

CEVRO University offers two study programmes taught exclusively in English - the Bachelor studies in Economics, Business, Politics, and the follow-up Master studies in Economics, Philosophy, Politics.

Economics, Business, Politics

The Bachelor study programme in Economics, Business, Politics provides students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for the highly competitive and dynamically evolving global job market. The curriculum is designed to reflect a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, essential for understanding and addressing contemporary economic, business, and political challenges. The programme aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations in economics, business, and politics while providing them with the practical skills necessary for a successful career in a dynamic environment. Graduates of the programme are capable of making informed and responsible decisions that reflect the complexity and interconnectedness of the global world. They also have excellent prerequisites for pursuing further Master's study programmes, including the follow-up Master's study programme at the CEVRO University in Economics, Philosophy, Politics.

Each semester, more than 60 international students from all over the world study at the CEVRO University. Thus, Czech students can study alongside international peers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Spain, France, and Israel.

Economics, Philosophy, Politics

The follow-up Master study programme in Economics, Philosophy, Politics prepares students for a wide range of professional roles that require strong critical thinking, the ability to formulate innovative ideas, and navigate economically complex situations in both national and international contexts. Graduates of this programme are provided with knowledge and skills that enable them to anticipate future developments, particularly from an economic perspective, and thus prepare economic strategies beneficial for the private or public sector. Furthermore, graduates are adept at understanding the impacts of decisions made by domestic and international authorities and the international economic-political developments on individual companies or individuals. Finishing this study programme, with its scope, content, and composition of subjects, provides the prerequisites for postgraduate studies in economics, economic management, political science, and philosophical study programmes at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Without exaggeration, it can be said that CEVRO University is an international school. Whether it is the presence of international students at the institution or the teaching of subjects in English itself, foreign languages echo throughout the halls of the Měšťanská beseda building in Prague.