About Us

CEVRO University offers bachelor's, follow-up master's, and postgraduate programmes specializing in law, economics, political science, security, management, and international relations. Its main headquarters are located at Jungmannova 28/17, Prague 1. The school provides prestigious higher education in accredited study programs within the lifelong learning principle. This is not only due to its specialized study programs but also due to the excellent composition of its teaching staff, including top experts in public administration and executive branches, as well as highly recognized academics. CEVRO University was founded on conservative traditional values, which form the basis of its approach to education. These principles include freedom, rule of law, market economy, liberal democracy, Euro-Atlantic ties, conservatism, critical thinking, and professionalism. Currently, the school has around 800 enrolled students, with over 200 graduating annually. CEVRO University also maintains international cooperation with prestigious foreign universities from 21 countries (USA, South America, Europe, and Asia). In addition to education, the school hosts regular conferences and seminars on various topics with significant guests.


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Advantages of studying with us


Individual Approach

We are a programatically small school, which means we know our students by name. This sets us apart from the vast majority of universities.

Small Study Groups

No overcrowded lecture halls! Our study groups consist of around 10-15 students. This makes teaching much more effective and enjoyable.

Tuition in Installments without Increase

We guarantee the tuition fee amount throughout the entire duration of your studies. Tuition can be paid in installments, without any additional increase.

Prestigious Internships

We arrange prestigious internships for students of professional programs in companies and institutions (ministries, parliament, senate, police, military, presidential office, etc.).

Excellent Employment Opportunities

Our graduates can be found in numerous reputable companies and institutions. A diploma from CEVRO University carries great weight!

Management of the university


Mgr. Ludmila Habadová


doc. Mgr. Tomáš Jarmara, Ph.D.


Mgr. et Mgr. Michaela Hýbnerová, Ph.D., LL.M.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

doc. PhDr. Martin Jemelka, Ph.D.

Vice-Rector for Science, Research, and Project Activities

Study Programmes in English

Who you will meet with us


JUDr. Cyril Svoboda, Ph.D.

Security Studies

A lecturer at CEVRO University, formerly a Czech politician and diplomat, he has held the post of minister in several governments of the Czech Republic, such as the Interior and Foreign Affairs, and served as the chairman of the Christian Democrats. In his pedagogical activities, he focuses mainly on constitutional law and diplomacy in practice.


doc. Ing. Martin Hrinko, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M.

Security Studies

Security expert, until 2020 a member of the Police of the Czech Republic, former director of the riot police service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, member of the Association of Fire and Safety Engineering. Guarantor of the study programme Security Management.


doc. Ing. Lucie Kozlová, Ph.D.

Management of social services

Social worker, economist and guarantor of the newly accredited study programmes Management of Social Services and Management of Social Services in the European Context, supervisor of more than a hundred successfully defended bachelor's and master's theses and eight dissertations, author of dozens of professional publications, volunteer social worker of Bílý kruh bezpečí, z.s.


doc. Ing. Božena Kadeřábková, CSc.


An economist, she has a number of scientific publications with a good international citation response. She is a member of editorial boards and a reviewer of indexed domestic and foreign journals and a chairing member of the academic board of prestigious international conferences.