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CEVRO was established in August 1999. We have more than fifteen years of experience of democracy assistance, capacity building and good governance. Over the years CEVRO has organized various projects and has closely cooperated with parliamentary and governmental bodies in the Czech Republic. CEVRO has been running several long-term educational programs such as Liberal Conservative Academy (one year course of political science, economics, international relations, law, political marketing and communication) or regular educational programs for political candidates from all levels of representation.
Based on the experience gained during the years of Czech political, juridical and economical transformation CEVRO has organized numerous trainings for representatives from regions such as Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America or Cuba. 
Furthermore based on our successful programs we established a private college CEVRO Institut in 2006. 
CEVRO is a member of European Network of Political Foundations.
The most important projects are available here and main activities below:
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