Communication Technology in Democracy 2.0: Facilitator or an exploiter?

09. října 2017 17:30 - Jungmannova 17, Praha
09 Řij

The recent Twitter revolutions highlight the role changing communication modes have on democracy. Technology can yield a modern Habermasian public sphere facilitating information sharing, but it can also turn into a digital panopticon open to exploitation. The discussion will focus on the ethical impact of technology on the democratic process as we upgrade to the digitally-enabled Democracy 2.0.

This discussion takes place in cooperation with the Beacon Project of the International Republican Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy and CEVRO.

Welcome by: 
Jiri Kozak – Director, CEVRO; Member of Steering Committee European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP); Czech Republic

Moderated by:
Miriam Lexmann – EU Regional Programme Director, International Republican Institute; Advisory Board COMPASS Project on Democracy and Governance, University of Kent; Slovakia

Omar Radi – Journalist/Activist in the 2010 20th of February movement in Morocco; currently covering the ongoing Hirak (Protest) movement; Morocco

Josef Šlerka – Head of New Media Studies, Charles University; Czech Republic

Ray Serrato – Senior Programme Officer, Democracy Reporting International; US/Germany